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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  April 11, 2017 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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is forced to cancel easter egg hunt thanks to to parents. they can't risk injury to children because certain individuals can't control themselves. clayton: what does that mean parents knocking them out of the way to get the eggs? heather: mine. it's mine. clayton: "fox & friends" starts now. see you, everyone. >> i promise you that i will do all my power to permit to be a faithful servant of the constitution and laws of this great nation. >> you are saying now that the military action we just saw on thursday night may have been coordinated with the russians to throw flukes like you off the fence. >> shepard: shooting at elementary school appears to be a murder suicide and much more. >> all i heard was four bangs. it was crazy. >> oh my god! look at what you did to him. >> most people don't realize when you get on an airplane you give up many of your constitutional rights, but this is way beyond anything that should happen.
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>> judge neil gorsuch, i, neil m. gulch do solemnly swear. >> everyone says gorsuch that is except for him. >> i neil m. gulch do solemnly swear. >> they asked them deal solemnly swear. ♪ shake, shake, shake, shake it ♪ shake, shake, shake, shake it ♪ ghee. steve: gore-such. owe suspects s-u-c-h. some people say gore-suck. ainsley: just call him ojudge. steve: call him justice now. he got that tidal title yesterday. look who is in brian's part of
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the couch today it's ed enhenry. ainsley: how does it feel sitting over there. ed: it feels great. he went out with his brothers yesterday. steve: didn't have enough chairs on the plane flying back. ainsley: lots of people are fired up about that this morning. steve: meanwhile, secretary of state rex tillerson bracing for a frosty reception as he heads from italy to moscow today. ainsley: this as brand new questions circulate. ed: james. >> good morning, ed, ainsley and steve. rex tillerson headed to moscow. allies of syrian president bashar ar. al assad the russians, iranians and terrorist group hezbollah released a joint statement warning washington that thursday's joint air strike oversteps all red lines. we will act aggressively to any aggression of red syria
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and infringement of red lines. the he knows our ability to react. ahead of secretary tillerson g 7 meetings in italy. if g 7 ultimatum to russia brings to us real ward war what is your trust in donald trump as a war time leader and boris johnson as his lt.. then the same embassy in london tweeted the right time to watch dr. strange love by the grea dr. stanley could you . >> i'm concerned things are moving too much back toward the cold war. but, it certainly puts the light to any suggestion that somehow president trump is vladimir putin's passe. >> the white house said the air strike destroyed 26% of aircraft and dismissed russian
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claims that the u.s. had moved the world closer to a real war in the mideast. >> if you look who is not with us, it's a pretty small group. not a group that too many people are looking to bring on board. i mean, you have got iran, syria, north korea, and russia on one side of us. that's a pretty small group. >> only henry kissinger is believed to have spent more face time with vladimir putin than rex tillerson, of course, who spent all that time with the russian president due to his own role as the chairman of exxon mobil. as of now the kremlin is saying that tillerson is only scheduled to the meet with his russian counterpart foreign minister sergei lavrov. back to you in new york. steve: james rosen, thank you very much. we should point out yesterday midday the associated press came out with an electric phiing story that the russians knew about the syrian chemical attack in advance because they said there was a drone there watching people going 209 hospital. next thing you know, russian plane, they don't know if it was operated by the syrians or the russians tried to attack
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the hospital. ainsley: cover up. ed: maybe coover up the ooattack. they can't confirm that back up the intelligence back that up a.p. report. very tantalizing as you say. fascinating how many months the democrats spent saying donald trump in the campaign, in the transition and first 70, 80 days saying is he too close to putin and too close to russia. when you listen to james' report, secretary of state james tillerson is going to moscow and has tough talk for them at the least. also action backing it up. and putin is so mad he doesn't want to meet with the secretary of state. he is saying i'm not going to meet with you. steve: if you believe that. or maybe this is all just a cover story. right? ainsley: democrats are saying there is still that bromance between president trump and vladimir putin. i was reading all these articles this morning. and thinking how -- that can't be farther from the truth. we bombed an ally of russia, assad's family has been backed by the russian government for decades.
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vladimir putin will not meet with rex tillerson as you were saying. russia and iran are warning they will respond with force if this happens again. and russia blamed the rebels even though the democrats were dropped by the planes that are owned or managed by assad and his government. ed: it doesn't fit the narrative that the democrats have been pushing the last few months. steve: that's right that trump is in bed with the russians. that's why i said a cover story. tucker last night had on a democrat from massachusetts, a u.s. congressman by the name of seth molten. what he was suggesting is that it's just a hypothesis. an alternative high hoth sis. ainsley: conspiracy theory. steve: but because he wants to get out from underneath this cloud that trump is in bed with the russians, maybe trump attacked syria to throw them off. ed: say i'm not really close to russia. ainsley: how irresponsible would that be? listen to what he said with tucker last night. >> one thing to say okay members of the trump administration met with russian officials, that kind
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of thing happens a lot. maybe it's ominous, maybe it's not. you are saying. >> it's an important thing to lie about it. >> you are saying now that the military action we just saw on thursday night may have been coordinated with the russians to throw absolutes like you off the subsequent. that appears to be what you are saying? that appears to be a huge conspiracy to me. >> it's a conspiracy if it's a conspiracy. the reality is i'm giving is it to you as a plausible explanation. that's why i'm not going to confirm. i know you would love for me to say that and confirm it there are americans who think that. >> who are they? steve: he gave absolutely no information to back up this. no evidence. what's interesting is he is not the first person on cable news who had suggested. this he is just the first member of the u.s. congressman we have heard suggest the fact. ed: back up those kinds of theories, you would think. steve: well, you would think. so so, also yesterday, sean spicer mentioned that if there was another chemical attack,
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syria could wind up getting hit again, which calls in to question the mainstream media. ed: red line. steve: used to be in the pressroom at the white house. what is the red line for this administration? forget about they had a red line in the last administration that they never actually enforced. ed: right. steve: here is sean spicer tangling with the correspondent from abc on the red line. >> red line for this white house, chemical warfare is conventional warfare enough to get the president to go further there than this white house has gone before? >> i think the president has been very clear that there are a number of lines that were crossed last week. he is not going to sit down -- we saw that in the last administration they drew these red lines and then the red lines were run over. i don't think you will see the same play. i think not just syria what the world saw last week is the president going to act decisively and proportionally and with justification when it comes to actions like that.
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i mean, and i will tell you. the answer is if you gas a baby, if you put a barrel bomb in to innocent people, i think you will see a response from this president. that is unacceptable. ainsley: the majority of americans according to the cbs poll are in favor of that. they are saying good for him. long gone are the days eight years of just talking. when you do this, when you gas children and we warned you not to do it. we warned you that there is a red line, then you can expect a tom seahawk missile in your face. ed: sean sean spicer laid out that line very clearly there was no fumbling around. you gas a baby, as you say, you are going to face force. what's interesting is we talked about this media narrative and russia and president trump. another narrative the president is crazy. you don't know what he is going to do. not going to show leadership on the world stage. brit hume pointed out he is
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not only showing leadership some of our enemies are saying whoa, what do we do next. watch. >> think of the other people around the world who are now wondering what trump might do next that applies in china, that applies in iran and it certainly applies in north korea. and that introducing that element of doubt and wondering in the minds of these mali factors around the world i think is a useful thing even if he doesn't have to do it again or never has to do it again. now we don't know what trump will do. steve: exactly, we don't know what trump will do. you hear some the mainstream media pundits going there is no trump doctor and we can't figure out what donald trump stands for as president of the united states. ed: he hasn't been in office 100 days. steve: it's no not appeasement and nation building. what is it? it looks like a hybrid. the key regarding donald trump and his approach to international affairs, he is not going to show all the cards on the table. ainsley: right. he said that on the campaign trail. we appreciate that. we don't want the enemy to
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know what we are going to do next. we were all shocked on thursday night when this happened. we weren't expecting this. it happened two days after that chemical attack. i thought it sent a great message. they better be grateful all six of their airfields were not bombed. they did get a warning, russia got a warning, because we had to do that because of laws with the airspace. ed: you saw these reports that 20% of that airfield is just complete lid disseminated unusable forrest syrian military. steve: story on drudge this morning how the chinese are moving i think 150,000 troops towards north korea in anticipation that donald trump might strike north korea and then the north koreans go yelling we're out of here. ed: and want to go to china. ainsley: before they weren't doing that they all knew it was just a threat and nothing was going to happen. steve: put all the cards on the table. ed: a lot happening around the world which is why we have heather childers here. heather: good morning and everyone at home. we do begin with a fox news alert for you at this hour. eight suspected tastes under arrest in connection with a deadly subway bombing in
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russia. officials reportedly catching members of the group with a large amount of weapons and ammunition in two different cities. now, last week's bombing killed 13 and sent countless others running for their lives in russia's largest city. bombers have been identified as kyrgyzstan born man who may have ties to isis. so far no one has claimed responsibility for the attack. to another fox news alert for you. north korea now promising quote catastrophic consequences if the united states continues to make military moves. now, this comes after the u is s carl vincent was deployed to waters in the peninsula. infuriating kim jong un. they wanted to send more than just a message to the rogue nation which has been using the u.s. in syria as justification for nuclear missile program. a typical monday morning turning into horrific ordeal a tragic murder suicide? did you hear about this unfolding inside an elementary
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school classroom claiming the lives of a teacher and her 8-year-old special needs student. new questions arising this morning as to how exactly 53-year-old cedric anderson was able to walk into a full classroom with a loaded revolver killing his wife karen smith before turning the gun on himself. 9-year-old girl also injured. the images you can see here are haunting as these youngs students crying, holding hands, the teachers rushing them out to safe zones. the school is now shut down until thursday. >> i can't think right now, i'm sorry. i can't think right now. other than that,. >> have you been in contact at all with your child? >> no. i have not. i haven't. i know, i called -- heather: police say anderson has a history of domestic violence according to social media. the two were married back in january. they separated last month. and those are a look at your headlines so far. we will continue to follow the news for you. steve: terrible story. ainsley: thank you. steve: coming up on this
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tuesday, it's a story everyone has been talking about. the united airlines passenger dragged off the plane by the authorities. [screaming] steve: so who was right? who was wrong? that story coming up. >> oh my god.
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done nothing wrong, then why step aside. >> yeah. look, i did it, i thought it was the right threatening to do. ed: that's the fox producer talking to the g.o.p. chairman devin nunes. temporarily stepping away from the russia investigation. this after the liberal move filed ethics complaint and a petition calling for nunes to be ousted. but our next guest calls the whole thing frivolous. eli lake has been all over the whole story from the start. he joins us now. what do you think, eli, about move entering the fray after all of the back and forth we have already seen. >> what we are seeing now because you are seeing in other groups calling on adam schiff to recuse himself and to look at to file these ethics charges on what i think are totally frivolous issues of revealing so-called classified information is the abuse of the office of congressional ethics and how they can take complaints from any partisans on right or left and it really kind of detracts from syrians ethics violations
3:19 am
and the serious work of the ethics committee when you now have an investigation into what i think is a total distraction which is called revealing classified information when the key thing to remember here is the chairman of the intention community devin nunes did not reveal sources and methods on how this situation was monitored or the targets hough was monitored so what are we talking about? ed: i think you are making a great point. viewers are seen this go around and around in washington. rather than what is happening with nunes or schiff, the republican or democrat, the top ones on that panel, what is really happening with the russia investigation, eli? are we any closer to figuring out just how much influence they have on the last election? because i thought that was the point? >> i thought there was a very good hearing two weeks ago senate intelligence committee where they had kind of experts on this who talked about another angle of it, which is the russian provocation of fake news and very targeted the geographic areas. i hadn't heard that before and
3:20 am
it was laid out pretty well. here epps the problem, the fbi is investigating this. there may be a criminal component of it, it's so serious that it might involve, you know, people in trump's orbit, at least that's what james comey said last month. if that's the case, then you really do run into problems if you have two congressional oversight committees calling witnesses that potentially the fbi would be calling. ed: right. >> that's a potential for a lot of problems for the justice process. my view is there is a lot to investigate in how the russians did it, but the super red hot issue of trump's connection to all of this, which is clearly what the democrats want to make, it is something that should be left for now to the fbi and then have the committees do all the oversight and also look at the politicization of surveillance as well. ed: and basically stick to the facts as you say rather than these partisan side shows and actually get to the facts. eli lake, we appreciate you coming in today. >> thank you for having me. ed: immigrants coming into the country illegally about to be deported. what are they doing in their free time? suing the government. that's right, suing the government.
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ed: good morning again, quick headlines. 60,000 illegal aliens suing a colorado detention center claiming they are being forced to do house chores. the detainees say it's unjust to be paid a daily allowance of $1. lawyers arguing the voluntary work program is authorized by congress, folks. and immigrants behind bars for making up a huge chunk of american crime. pew research shows half of all federal arrests in 2014 were for immigration related offenses.
3:25 am
a decade earlier those same offenses accounted for just 28% of federal arrests. and environmentalists say president's border wall hurts jaguars. think claim it would harm their habitat and block migration from mexico to arizona. the only problem jaguars don't live in that area anymore. only two wild ones have been spotted there since 1986. go figure, steve. steve: following missile strikes syria the editor of jones clara jeffrey tweeted out that the missiles are called tom hawks must enrage a lot of native americans. ainsley: wow, is this the sort of political correctness that is spilling into our military? and if so, just how dangerous could this be for our troops? steve: joining us now is one person who says it is. former u.s. army captain and author of brand new book called dog company a true story of american soldiers abandoned by their high
3:26 am
command. good morning to you. >> good morning. thank you for having me. steve: what do you make of this to come hawk and tying it to native americans. >> here because there are so many news worthy items worth commenting on especially for a person in her position. to a larger point i think p.c. culture has crept into our society into unprecedented level to our government and now even our military. that is a cause of concern for me. i believe our rules of engagement are so politically driven these days it's unnecessarily endangering our men and women overseas. ainsley: you speak from experience. tell us your personal story about rules of engagement? what happened to you. >> my first sergeant and i tommy scott led a heavy weapons company in afghanistan in 2008 and 2009. and very violent province in eastern afghanistan it always seemed like the enemy was one step ahead of us. we found out why.
3:27 am
through the aid of counter intel team we had 12 spies working on the base one was my personal translator. steve: they were watching and listening and reporting directly to the enemy. >> they were, yeah. steve: when you found that out, what did you do? >> why were also receiving credible intelligence we were having a large scale attack coming our way to our base. my battalion had failed to pick these spies up after repeated requests. so we decided to interrogate them ourselves that interrogation led to an investigation, investigation to a hearing. and then several of us being drummed out of the military. steve: were you interrogate them. >> the interrogation insisted me firing a weapon into the ground to make a group of detainees to speak. we needed time sensitive information out of them, which we got, but that was considered over the top. and the command even pursued war crimes charges at that time. ainsley: wow. how did that happen? maybe one spy, that would be
3:28 am
awful of itself. so many spies is that a result of pc culture and red tape that the military has to deal with. >with. >> in part lots of programs in afghanistan to deal with to provide outreach to the local community. that doesn't excuse the fact that the government should have fully vetted these people, especially a translator that has access to the sensitive information that they do. but it happens a lot. i mean, if you dig into the headlines you will see that stuff hidden several pages back in the newspapers that it's happening. ainsley: there is a new sheriff in town? what's your message to him? how can we protect our troops. >> sure, i appreciate that. so, our rules of engagement have been very politically driven, especially over the last 8, 10 years. so, before we consider moving into another conflict and without me rendering an opinion on what it is we should or shouldn't be doing oversea he is, we need to take a hard look at our riewstles engagement. because they are getting our people killed and injured unnecessarily. steve: because you didn't
3:29 am
follow them, you were drummed out. >> true. you know, there are a lot of people who have dealt with this sort of thing. so i'm not just speaking for the men and families of dog company or for myself, a number of folks in uniform have dealt with this especially over the last several years. steve: you were just trying to save lives. >> accomplish my mission and take care of my men e which is a part of my mission as well. steve: in the long run, you got the short end of the stick. >> sure, fair enough. ainsley: thank you for your service. thank you for what you do for america. >> yeah. ainsley: we love our troops. >> thanks for having us. ainsley: army captain roger mills. thank you so much. >> thank you. ainsley: look at this video it is unforgettable. [screaming] ainsley: what do you think about that man being dragged off a united airlines flight? steve: that's right. students on one college campus fear chick-fil-a because chick-fil-a threatens their
3:30 am
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♪ [screaming] >> hey, hey. >> come on. ainsley: united airlines facing growing backlash over that horrifying video. it shows a passenger being dragged off with a bloody face of an overbooked flight. >> the united ceo doubling down to slamming the passenger as disruptive and belligerent. ed: oh my, clayton morris with
3:34 am
the story. clayton: passenger ripped out of his seat, dragged down the aisle and off of a united air jet refusing to give up his paid for seat by the way. this morning a chicago airport security officer involved now on paid administrative leave but worldwide outrage intensifying with people across the country asking how and why it got to this place in the first place. united say it started with a crew transport issue. four of these seats were needed for employees to travel from chicago to louisville so that they could get on another flight. $800 in vouchers were offered to some folks get off the plane no. one took them up on it it's like i need to get home. four passengers were chosen at random including this guy, 6-year-old man in the video who said he was a doctor and had patients to treat. when he refused to get up, flight attendants called in security. >> he was unconscious. the united staff -- they had
3:35 am
to clear the seats for, they came on the plane they were berated. you should be embarrassed poor working for this company. clayton: oscar munoz sending email to employ years saying he has their back and only apologizing for the airline overbooking no. direct apentagon to the passenger whose face is all bloodied. munoz is slamming the man as disruptive and belligerent. you may remember united is the same behind the leggings fiasco has travelers calling for boycott this morning. saying they are not going to fly united anymore. steve: we know the law is on united side. i think perhaps the bigger and i had heard they had offered up to $1,000 per person. ainsley: i did, too. steve: didn't show up. i would have suggested, you know, 2,000, 3,000. it would have been far greater to spend that money than this
3:36 am
world wire why pr disaster. ainsley: they overbooked. ed: all the time. ainsley: they shouldn't do that. it happened to someone i know. steve: they do it every day. ainsley: this guy stood his ground and said i'm a doctor. i have patients in louisville. the next flight was out in the next day in the afternoon. evidence said i need to see my patients. they shouldn't overbook and i agree with you. they should have offered. steve: just keep going. ainsley: everyone got on the plane and then they said we need some people to get out. ed: people are weighing in all morning. can you do it layla on facebook he paid for a ticket for a specific time answered has the right to refuse to get off the plane. why would united employees their job be more important than this man's job to get home? steve: because they were going to have to cancel the flight. all the things that could have been done are debatable. refusing to get off the plane when told by the police is not optional or up for debate. the other thing is, it was a misstep on the party of
3:37 am
united, ultimately republic, i think they operated that particular airline, to put him on the plane to start with, if they knew it was overbooked. clayton: hotel problems too. give them a voucher. but then you don't get hotel vouchers. sleep on the ayer floor of the airport and book a flight in the morning. ainsley: give them money back for the ticket. pay for hotel and food and offer them like 2 or $3,000 1r0u67er. someone will take you up on that because people like free stuff. clayton: now more of a pr nightmare. ed: like the legging thing. ainsley: facing a lawsuit and everyone out there and a lot of people boycotting united. ed: breaking news on syria. steve rex tillerson who is in transit now to moscow said this just a moment ago regarding assads and grip on power in the country of syria. >> it's clear to all of us that the reign of the assad family is coming to an end
3:38 am
question of how that ends and the transition itself can is very important in our view the durability and stability of a union need syria and stability and durability of the outcome of going forward. that's why we are not presupposing how that occurs. i think it's clear that we see no further role for the assad regime longer term. ed: does that mean more u.s. military action? u.s. hints at tougher stance on syria. rhetoric or military action coming from the trump administration? or is this just public pressure with allies like britain to get the assad family out. remember, assad's father was in power before he was. the other point he makes about stability was very important. you may want to get assad out. that may be a good objective short-term. but long-term who takes over. is isis going to expand their power in syria? it's a mess there right now.
3:39 am
if he leaves, could it get worse? ainsley: we will be talking about that. we have another report in 20 minutes about that very topic. stick around for that in the meantime head it over for heather childers who has more headlines. heather: we begin with a whistleblower who says he has received death threats for exposing a still unsolved problem of deadly wait times in phoenix. but now he is at risk of losing his job. that's after naming the coworker accused of harassing him. >> i'm not scared because i'm a combat veteran. the killing of vets through denial is wrong. i'm going to make sure that somebody knows this is going on. heather: v.a. says he violated their privacy policy. he says that they are government employees and their names should not be a secret. and do chicken business cuts scare you? well, some college students don't want chick-fil-a on their campus over fears it could jeopardize their safe space.
3:40 am
students at duquesne gay straight alliance they say it's because chick-fil-a's owner opposes same sex marriage. the school plans to open one on campus in the fall. university officials say they chose chick-fil-a because of student demand. those are a look at your headlines so far. steve: delicious. today is national barbershop today and to celebrate this year we zufn the hottest quart at the times to perform for us and they're quadruplets. quarts at the at the time. ainsley: we j julian, kelsey, ian and annika. last name someet. quadruplets. what's it like to be the only boy among these three girls. >> it's a lot of fun. i enjoy it. ainsley: do your parents sing. >> no. we're the first generation. steve: what was the interest of barbershop quartet for kids your age? >> so we were invited to sing in pittsburgh for the barber shop convention.
3:41 am
we go a lot of schools to promote the barbershop. society since 1938. ed: we want to hear you. steve: let's get out of the way. ♪ you've got a friend ♪ in me ♪ you've got a friend ♪ you've got a friend in me ♪ now when the road ♪ are tough ahead ♪ miles and head ♪ remember you ♪ just remember what your old pal said ♪ because you've got a friend in ♪ you've got a friend in me ♪ you've got a friend in me ♪ you got troubles ♪ and i got them too ♪ there isn't anything i wouldn't do for you ♪ if we sit together ♪ we could see it through ♪ because you've got a friend ♪ in me ♪ a little bit smarter than i
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if you want to learn more about part of this amazing organization. ed: we have a friend in judge napolitano is coming up next. ainsley: judge napolitano is always interesting. steve: susan rice's claim got syria to give up chemical weapons stockpile. does this complicate her legal situation whatever that is judge nant here with the trouble straight ahead for her. ♪ you know what i'm saying ♪ head games ♪ all get from you is head games ♪ i can't take it anymore ♪ head games ♪ i don't want to play those head games ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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ainsley: susan rice is under fire for her claims earlier this year that the obama administration removed assad's chemical weapons. ed: even "the washington post fact checkers giving her statement, yes e four pinocchios. steve: so does this further prove her willingness to fbi fib and could it add to her legal problems? let's talk to judge napolitano. she is a serial fibber. >> she is a public liar. we know that because the lie she told about benghazi the infan must five sunday morning talk shows where she lied about the basis for it she lied will surveying plea and now president trump. now she has a newspaper very supportive of her former boss "the washington post saying she lied about syria and chemical weapons. how could this bite her. >> she is probably going to testify before one or two house committees.
3:48 am
let's take the house committee notorious attack dog former u.s. attorney now congressman trey gowdy who really knows how to cross-examine. one way you cross-examine is by showing how the witness lied in other instances and said were you lying then or are you lying now? and that is what is going to happen to her. simply stated, her credibility is shot before she even takes the oath and says a word. ainsley: will it just be a public embarrassment to her? we have have seen trey gowdy drill people or. >> or will there be consequences? unfortunately the government is allowed to lie to us even as lodger clemens or sammy sosa martha stewart we could be prosecuted for lying to them. there is another crime whereby you can actually tell the truth but still be convicted of misleading if the answer technically correct is misleading. that's called misleading
3:49 am
congress. they are probably going to try to trap her into that. would she be prosecuted? i think. so i think the trump administration is so furious at what she did they will lay a trap. ed: tv talk show. get under your point trey gowdy and ask her specific questions about surveillance and other matters and see if she tells the truth then. >> in roger clemens case they forgot to administer the oath which was why he was not prosecuted and he was eventually acquitted. i'm a big fan but not as big a fan of 42 faiths but big fan of roger clemens. he was not for lying under oath. two potential crimes. lying under oath or misleading. she has a track record of misleading. serious public misleading.
3:50 am
i wouldn't be surprised if congressman gowdy and his colleagues come up with a few other instances on which to examine her. ed: we will have you back and have you talk about united airlines maybe next time. >> i have very strong opinions. steve: as does everyone. ainsley: a tough talking sheriff issuing a stern warning to drug dealers. >> dealers that are pushing this poison, i have a message for you. we are coming for you, run. he's going to join us live next. ed: look at those outfits covering their faces ♪ bad to the bone ♪ bad bad bad ♪ boris grows mind-blowing coffee. and because we pay him a fair price, he improves his farm and invest in his community to make even better coffee. all for a smoother tasting cup. green mountain coffee.
3:51 am
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3:53 am
steve: tough-talking sheriff issuing a stern warning to
3:54 am
drug dealers in his county in florida. >> to the dealers i say enjoy looking over your shoulder constantly wondering if today's the day. we come for you. enjoy trying to sleep tonight wondering if tonight's the night our swat team blows your front door off the hinges. we are coming for you. steve: wow. sheriff peyton grenell of lake county, florida joins us now live from orlando. sheriff, good morning to you. >> good morning, thank you for having me. >> you have only been in office a couple of months. you swore that you would uphold the laws in lake county, florida in january. this was your first facebook video. are you surprised at the reaction this has gotten? >> yeah. when we made the video, i had no idea that it would reach this level i wanted to reach out to our citizens in lake county to let them know i recognize there is a problem and ask them for their help to let them know they could
3:55 am
report anonymously to us where these dug dealers' houses are at and here we are today. steve: i think it's just you are so direct, drug dealers, our swat team is going to blot hinges off your door, that gets a lot of attention. >> it does. and you know, you can't negotiate with these drug dealers. they know what they are doing. they are pushing this poison out on our streets and we need to take a tough stance on it and that's what we're going to do. steve: appeal to the people of your county to turn in the drug dealers. have you heard from the drug dealers yourself in the form of hate mail or anything like that? >> >> we recognize some of their postings on the facebook feed. i'm not concerned about that. i want the citizens to know we are here to help them but we need their information. they know where these dealers are at. we know where a lot of these locates are at as well. some of them don't know. that's where we need our public's help to get this problem off the street.
3:56 am
steve: if we could for the control room just for me. to put this video back up. you are taking heat in the community because some of the guy behind you are wearing masks. they are wearing masks for a good reason, aren't they? >> they are. those undercover detectives work nardarkhani and dangerous world. a world that most of us never want to experience state statute requires that i protect their identity. but they wanted to be a part of that video. they have a passion to serve they want to make sure this county is safe. they were proceed to be on that video. steve: it's quite a video. thank you for joining us today. >> thank you for having me. steve: all right. now you know. still ahead on this tuesday, we got lots more show to go. as you can see right there, stuart varney, governor scott walker of wisconsin, laura ingraham, ann coulter and the great tucker carlson. put down the remote. we'll be right back.
3:57 am
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4:00 am
>> if you gas a baby, if you put a barrel bomb in to innocent people, you will see a response from this president. >> introducing that element of doubt and wondering in the minds of these male factors around the world is a useful thing even if he doesn't have to do it again. >> you are saying now that the military action we just saw on thursday night may have been accord nateed with the russians to throw absolutes like you off the sense? >> breaking news from san bernardino, california. >> tragic murder-suicide inside elementary school classroom claiming the lives of a teacher and her 8-year-old special needs student. >> oh my god. look at what you did to him. >> if that's not bad enough it's gotten worse because ceo oscar munoz sending email to employees saying he has their
4:01 am
back, slamming the man as disruptive and blu belligerent. >> so help me god. >> congratulations. >> i'm humbled by the trust placed in me today. i will never forget that to whom much is given much will be expected. ♪ ainsley: a fox news alert. the reign of the assad family is coming to an end. that is a quote. that is the message from the secretary of state rex tillerson just moment ago. he is now on his way to moscow. ed: let's go straight to chief washington correspondent james rosen he is on the nation's capitol with the breaking news. >> for the better part of 48 hours officials in washington and across the globe have been puzzling over incon sin says tenancy by statements of ourselves rex tillerson and nikki haley taken a 67 tougher line. for tillerson who just boarded airplane in italy following the g-7 conference and ons who
4:02 am
way to moscow the time something critical. as this will be his first trip to russia as america's top diplomat. in remarks he made before leaving the g-7. tillerson aligned himself with nikki haley. while the secretary did not speak of regime change in syria as haley h he tell graphed to the kremlin that is his view as well. >> it is our policy for unified syria that is governed by the people of syria. i think it's clear to all of us that the reign of the assad family is coming to an end. but the question of how that ends and the transition itself could be very important in our view toe the durability. the stability inside syria. >> despite the fact that tillerson is believed to have spent more face time with russian president vladimir putin with the exception of henry kissinger. thrillers meet with russian
4:03 am
foreign minister sergei lavrov a diplomat taken a pleasure in tweeting a series of secretary of state now. his message to lavrov will to be pose the question whether shift from assad regime hezbollah and u.s. western countries and middle east states. ed: james, as you know the associated press had sizzling report that russia had advanced knowledge of this chemical weapons attack last week. it seemed to have deep imply implications you are saying the intelligence doesn't back that up. >> previously we had heard intelligence to the fact that the russians maintained an active presence at this base, which we struck and from where the syrians had launched this chemical weapons attack it would make all too much sense if they did know. late yesterday a senior trump official told me right now there is no consensus within
4:04 am
the intelligence community that russia enjoyed foreknowledge of that chemical weapons attack. ainsley: what do we know about the drones and the hospital? >> there is a lot of things floating out there, suggesting russian air assets were in place over the hospital where a lot of these individuals were taken, potentially with an eye towards erasing evidence or what have you, right now, it's all just too fluid. for the white house and the trump administration, they are trying to use this air strike, which was apparently successful to build momentum for the commander-in-chief on the world stage. steve: indeed. james, thank you very much. speaking of momentum and given the fact that rex tillerson in italy the assad family reign is coming to an end. that brings up the question, so how do you get rid of it? do you force them out with military might or do you force them out with political pressure? it's interesting because president trump spoke to the union knights nighted kingdom prime minister theresa may last night on the phone and they both agreed there was a certain window of opportunity
4:05 am
to persuade russia that their alliance to syria was not in its best strategic interests. so, in other words, have you got all these, you know, all this momentum as james was just talking about, given last week's air strike, and now the whole world community is looking to russia. is this assad guy really the party you want? ainsley: when it was the soviet union that's when assad's father was in power and assad's father did not like israel that was public information. the question is if you do get rid of assad, who do you replace him with? ed: stronger foot hold in sierra? is this the next libya. ungovernorable. wasn't donald trump back in the campaign insisting he wasn't else inly buddy buddy with vladimir putin. he just wanted to have a new alliance where we could bring russia to the table and bring this kind of pressure that could result 3459ly help us in syria push assad out there. is something else that donald trump talked about in the
4:06 am
campaign, the transition that now may be coming to fruition. and brit hume put his finger on it last night. watch. >> think of the other people around the world who are now wondering what trump might do next that applies in china it applies in iran. and it certainly applies in north korea. and that introducing that element of doubt and wondering in the minds of theist mall factors around the world i think is a useful thing each if he doesn't have to do it again or never does it again. now you don't know what trump will do. steve: that will be interesting to see what happens as rex tillerson goes to moscow. i bet there is a chance he does sit down with putin as he is leaving the g-7 according to our sources. g-7 country dries on sanctions with russia. story everybody is talking about. judge andrew napolitano joins us now. judge, that video of that guy
quote quote
4:07 am
getting dragged off the plane. everybody is talking about. ainsley: let's watch the video in case some people haven't seen it yet. steve: sure. we have it, really. ed: united destroyed the video. >> hey, hey. [screaming] >> no! my god! what are you doing? steve: the flight was overbooked. united offered up to $1,000. people didn't go. so they picked four people to get off the plane. three of them did. he didn't. he was forced out. ainsley: he was humiliated. >> he was humiliated. what is united's civil obligations and did the police do the right thing? actually, the flight was not overbooked. united decided it wanted its seats for its employees to get them from one city to the next. ed: pick um another flight. >> correct. by dislodging this contractual. he bought the ticket.
4:08 am
he peaced the tsa. he was in his seat. he has every right to stay there. when the police arrive, they shouldn't be unthinking or tom atons to do whatever the person who calls asks them to do. if the reason for their call is not a crime. they should leave. they have no right using violence to resolve. ed: if the passenger is assaulting another passenger. >> absolutely. >> if the passenger is politely or reasonably sitting there waiting for the flight to take off, is he not committing a crime. he is not engaged in violence. is he not doing anything that justifies police force. ainsley: as a judge, are they facing a lawsuit, united? >> absolutely. talk about $3,000 they are going to owe him hundreds of times that because of the inconvenience and public humiliation. and the police for use offing exhuseusingexcessive force. zero force was dictated. steve: united says the guy was disruptive and belligerent and
4:09 am
wouldn't leave his seat. result 3459ly though isn't the airline in charge safety of everything on the airplane if that guy is being belligerent. >> to them belligerence was refusing. just like when the police arrest you for resisting arrest. that's ridiculous. there has to be a basis. if you resist. the other crime can't be refusal of the arrest. ed: in fairness, we don't have video of what happened before that. >> that's right. ed: video suggests they overstepped once they started dragging him off the plane. was he being belligerent before that? we don't know. when he was being dragged off, the reaction from the other passengers was outrage. >> very telling. ed: i have been on planes where people have acted ridiculously and people around clapping get him out of here he is a jerk. people are like what are you doing. ainsley: children are crying. if you watch the video you hear a woman saying something to the effect. >> uniteside not going want to to try this case. because the witnesses will
4:10 am
bury united before the jury. now they have problems in china because the way this whole thing has played out over there. ainsley: you are already on edge when you are flying because of the safety issues and 9/11. for you to get on a plane and sometimes most of the flight attendants are so nice. evidence now and then you will get one and if they are on a power trip. >> comply with your contractual obligations and police. don't use force just because somebody asks you to. ed: issued his ruling. we need to ghetto heather. ask him who wrote the best blurb in his book. heather? >> good morning to you. we begin with a fox news alert. north korea promising catastrophic consequences if the united states continues to make military moves. it comes after the "uss carl vinson" was deployed to waters off the peninsula.
4:11 am
infuriating kim jong un. the trump administration wanted to send more than just a message to the rogue nation which has been using the u.s. strike in syria by the way as justification for their nuclear missile program. and typical monday morning turning into a horrific ordeal a tragic murder-suicide unfolding inside a elementary school classroom. there is new questions this morning as to how 53-year-old cedric anderson managed to walk into a full classroom with a loaded revolver. killing his estranged wife and her 8-year-old special needs student before killing himself. >> i can't think right now. i'm sorry. i'm sorry, i can't think right now. other than that. that's all i know. >> have you been in contact at all with your child. >> no, i have not. i have -- i know, i called. -- >> can you imagine? police say anderson has a history of domestic violence. the two were married back in january. they separated last month. and it started as a beautiful day at the beach. but, mother nature had other plans. look at this.
4:12 am
a malibu mountainside suddenly collapsing throwing rocks, dirt, dust on the cars below. watch as one of the drivers manages to escape with seconds to scare. >> ohl holy sugar. holy crap. >> oh my god. oh my god. oh, jesus. wow. >> unreal. california's drought emergency just lifted days ago. a alaska rainfall causing that dry dirt to give way. we now know the name of the special forces soldier killed fighting isis in afghanistan on saturday. 37-year-old staff sergeant mike leaves behind a wife and five children. his remains arriving at dover air force base in delaware overnight. he was a highly decorated soldier. his awards include the purple heart and five army commendation medals.
4:13 am
his father also an army vet. his wife posting a loving tribute to him i will forever his your sense of humor. i miss you. this hurts so bad. our prayers go out to his family. >> so moving. heather: ultimate sacrifice. ainsley: thanks, heather. coming up. president trump's 'immigration policy in action. proof his plan at our border is working big time. big league. steve: we just talked about a man being dragged off that united airline flight. stu varney already predicting a disaster of a day on wall street for united. ed: don't drag stuart off. ♪ my home santa fe ♪ freight train engine has seen it all ♪ allergy symptoms distracting you?
4:14 am
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switch and you could save $509 on auto insurance. call for a free quote today. liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. [screaming] steve: that is not the way most people get off the airplane. united facing backlash after horrifying video of a passenger being dragged off overbooked flight at chicago o'hare. ainsley: isn't that amazing that something like that could lead to affecting the market. this morning the market is set to react. what will this controversy
4:18 am
mean for the airline bottom line? ed: who better to ask than the host of varney and company on the fox business channel stuart varney. >> ? is not good not for the overall market. this is not good for united airline stock. we know that it's going to be down at the opening bell in a couple of hours time. down about 3% to 5%, which is a very big drop for a stock of that magnitude. though doesn't it point out the problem that all service providers have because cameras everywhere. ainsley: a lot of people were recording it. >> can you imagine you are providing a service of some kind. retailer, airline. bank organization, whatever. and somebody takes a video of you in an argument over the counter. well, that quickly goes viral and you look bad. it may not be your fault. but you look bad. it's a nightmare for all service provider. steve: this is not the only black eye for united. they had that problem with the leggings.
4:19 am
>> numerous problems with united. remember when they took over continental? they made a mess of that merger. that was never straightened out for years. then, the ceo oscar munoz, ceo. he runs the company. he had a heart transplant last january. he came back to work and was faced with a leadership challenge. they had to get over that. then there was the leggings incident. and now we have got the dragging incident to put it lightly. it's a disaster. ed: rudy on twitter i understand his frustration but handle it in court. he was wrong and inconvenienced everybody else. 23409 fair but legal. i'm a former airline pilot. this should have never happened. common sense did not prevail. one of those crew members could have taken the cockpit jump seat. go ahead. steve: elton on twitter said united crew this would have been the last one. could have rented a car and driven to louisville for four hours for a couple of hundred dollars.
4:20 am
>> why don't they escalate. ainsley: lot cheaper than what they are going to have to pay this guy now and p.r. backlash. >> pr nightmare for all airlines. they are all reflecting badly. ainsley: maybe this will be a lesson though for these airlines who are overbooking. steve: they all overbook. >> isn't that the nature of the problem? why are they still overbeaking in this day and age? 600,000 overbookings? ainsley: they make so much money. ed: we will see you 9:00 fox business network. texas fight to make sure only legal citizens vote. right now a federal judge says that's racist. steve: wait until you hear that story. and before he became president donald trump was a billionaire. donald trump who lived up on the top of that building. the next guest the author of rich dad, poor dad is here rich lessons you can learn about president trump's secret to success ♪ money, money, money ♪ money ♪ money, money, money
4:21 am
♪ money ♪ tech: when your windshield needs to be fixed... trust safelite autoglass. our exclusive trueseal technology means a strong, reliabe bond. at safelite, we stand behind our work... because the ones you love, sit behind it. (parents whisper jingle) safelite repair, safelite replace.
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don't wait for watchathon week to return. [ doorbell rings ] who's that? show me netflix. sign up for netflix on x1 today and keep watching all year long. ed: some quick headlines happening today a congressional race that's captivating the nation, maybe. estes looking to fend off thompson to fill the house left by cia director mike pompeo. little too close to call for comfort for republicans. speaker paul ryan urging voters to turn out looking as this first indicator of how the g.o.p. might fare in future elections. voter i.d. law in texas is found illegal for the second time. federal judge ruling that state lawmakers intended to discriminate on racial grounds
4:25 am
when it was approved in 2011. she made her original ruling two years ago, appeals court asked her to re-examine the case. ainsley: well, is he not just our commander-in-chief, president trump is a billionaire businessman. what are the keys to his success and what financial lessons can you learn from him? steve: joining us now is the author of the wildly successful book rich dad, poor dad now celebrating its 20th year in print robert. good morning to you. >> good morning. i want to talk thank fox tore being good to trump and i. steve: you wrote that book together? >> i don't know. it sort of came about. i'm the only author that shared the cover with him twice now. ainsley: it's been so successful. why is it? you originally printed 1,000 copies. how many have you sold? >> 21 million. ainsley: 20 years later why is it so successful. >> more relevant today than 20 years ago. 20 years ago millionaire next door in '96, and '97 was rich dad, poor dad. the millionaire next door is
4:26 am
unemployed foreclosure. 20 years ago, you were on this show talking about this book. >> that's why i love you guys. you guys gave me a break because what i say goes against the grain. steve: sure. we are going to give three lessons that he has learned through his life. lesson one, learn how to use debt. you know, it seems like people are talking -- mainstream media goes you got a lot of debt regarding donald trump. >> correct. steve: he has become a genius how to use debt to his business betterment. >> right there. are three types of investment advice. poor people, the middle class, the middle class should live debt free. and the poor should cut up their credit cards. but for those with financial education like donald and i, we are real estate guys, debt makes us very rich. when the markets crashed in 2007, 2008, i borrowed an extra $400 million because interest rates just kept coming down. you have to borrow. steve: you borrow other
4:27 am
people's money, use other people's money? >> of course. but there is good debt and bad debt. consumer debt and investment debt. and you should never use debt if you don't know how to use it. ed: consumer debt can be very destructive. >> that's why credit cards have destroyed people. that's why in 1997 i said your house is not an asset because people were using it as an atm. and they got hammered. ed: what about tax unless how do you limit your tax liability? people want to know. obviously here we are in april. we are dealing with it now. >> debt. debt is tax free. debt is tax free money have to know how to use it president donald trump and i, like he said, i amount king of debt. and we also pay no taxes. remember when obama. steve: wait a minute, we pay no taxes? >> i don't pay tax. legally. steve: result 3459ly, isn't that what americans want to do is pay as little tax as possible? >> right. what people don't understand, taxes are incentive.
4:28 am
when you donate money to your church give you a tax break. when you invest in real estate, you get a tax not your house but residential real estate you get a tax break. and invest in oil i get tax breaks. ainsley: anything you get a tax break on you need to know what those things are and follow the lesson and live tax free. ed: be a team player. >> i don't think donald has a 401(k). he has -- i have teams of accountants and attorneys and bankers on my side. and the average person out there just has a financial planner. we go in there. we invest as a team not as individuals. steve: you are completely different level than most people. >> i learned this like donald. i just started playing monopoly as a kid. four greenhouses. one red hotel. ainsley: what about somebody just starting out middle class making a little more money, we are all so scared going into debt. we have been trained not to do that. >> you shouldn't. the question i ask people what does school teach but money?
4:29 am
and for most people the answer is nothing. ed: got to teach yourself and read your book. >> thanks for your time. ainsley: thank you, robert. rich dad, poor dad. ed: coming up, if you watch the other channels you might think president trump is having a really bad week? really? what's he doing today that ceex tend a winning streak? steve: what's happening at our border, brand new evidence we might not need that wall that that guy is crawling over. ♪ hot sun i fought the law ♪ and the law won ♪ i fought the law ♪ and the law won ♪ i needed money because i had none ♪ i fought the law ♪ and the law won ♪ i fought the law ♪ and the law won ♪ ♪when you've got...♪
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♪ in washington, d.c. today, after this long and contentious battle, neil
4:33 am
gorsuch was sworn in as the hottest new member of the supreme court. he will start hearing cases next week. the only surprise today was, you know, this man is now on the supreme court, which means his name is an important part of american history. and here's how everyone has been pronouncing that name. neil gulch. judge gulch. judge gulch. neil gulch. neil gulch. judge neil gulch. >> judge gulch. >> neil gulch. >> judge gulch. >> i neil m. gulch do solemnly swear. >> so everyone says gore-such. that is everyone except for him. >> i neil m. gore such no one bothered to ask what his name was. congratulations to neil gorsuch. who as a result of being sworn in gets to live everyone's fantasy being able to wear a robe to work. [laughter]
4:34 am
steve: slippers, too. hen hen i wondered if he was nervous in the rose garden the way he payed. ainsley: people are say be gorsuch. he paused between gorsuch. gore-such. steve: for history. now you know gorsuch. ainsley: just hours after swearing in gore-such. president trump is working to keep another promise. steve: peter dooc-y. >> president trump during that swearing in of the supreme court justice that he nominated and was confirmed. he made a point to say look at what i did and it happened in the first 100 days. there is a lot of outside pressure to get something else now done in the next two and a half weeks or so before that 100 days clock runs out. and since the white house did not really get the kind of help they were looking for from the republican majorities in congress, with their last
4:35 am
big legislative push which was healthcare, they're going to have a group of ceos from this strategic policy group that they have there is 20 or so of them from the biggest companies in the world in the united states come over and talk about lots of things. but we are led to belief that some of the next two big things on the checklist, which would be tax reform and infrastructure reform are going to come up as well. and so if the white house is not having much luck with congress, today is a chance for them to talk to some ceos and among them, they're going to have elon musk from tesla and space exjust became the most valuable car maker in the united states. also mary berra from g.m., the now number two just recently dethroned most valuable car company in the world or rather in the united states. and also jim macinerny the president and ceo of boeing is going to be here as well. obviously, they have been caught up in some controversy
4:36 am
about selling some planes to iran. there is going to be a 4r09 of stuff to talk about. separate from tax reform and infrastructure. also a chance to ask them for their ideas what do you think would work? what would help you? and then the five -- five of the president's cabinet secretaries who are going to be meeting with these ceos are going to put together a report and give it to the president and then they are going to figure out how to go from there. steve: peter, we are in the you were, what 70's, 80 days of the first 100 days. is it frustrating the president from what have you heard from people at the white house, that he has got this agenda? you just talked about he wants to do something about tax reform, like to do something about infrastructure, healthcare, all this stuff, and congress is gone. they are on another two week vacation. >> so far he hasn't really been publicly complaining about that. and the last chance he had after healthcare failed to talk about or at least was paused, talk about whether or not he thought that the
4:37 am
speaker of the house paul ryan should stick around, he said yes, he wants ryan there as his ally on the hill to help him corral republicans. you know, the president has talked about the idea if these republicans don't want to help me, i will work with democrats on something like infrastructure. he is not there yet. he has expressed confidence every chance that he has had in speaker ryan's leadership. and there has been some pressure. steve: yeah, sure. >> even after they went home though, the president or the air strikes on the syrian airfield and then nancy pelosi and democratic leadership came forward and said we should all come back, we should all come back. steve: yeah. >> we never heard anybody from the white house suggest they should do that. steve: in the month of april, how many days did congress work? >> i think it was about 8. just a hair over. ed: not bad work. steve: by the way peter and steve did you coordinate neckties today? steve: look at that it looks pretty good.
4:38 am
ainsley: i knew you looked alike but really? look at that? ed: peter doocy live from the white house where we will be checking n a little while with kellyanne conway counselor to the president. wanting to talk about that agenda. ainsley: thank you, peter. there is a picture of kellyanne, that's what she looks like. we will be talking to her later. first we will hand it over to heather childers who has hestled lines. heather: jeff sessions to start things off. in just a few hours jeff sessions will be touring the u.s.-mexico border during a visit to arizona. this as we learn that 50% of all federal arrests in 2014 were immigration-relate i had crime. now, compare that to 28% 10 years earlier. that is according to some pew research. sessions says he is making immigration enforcement a priority, prom misting to speed up deportations of criminal illegal immigrants living here. and a major obamacare provider may not turn a profit this year according to a new financial report. blue cross-blue shield
4:39 am
insurers in the affordable marketplace expect to break even in 2017. they say it's not looking much better for 2018 either. a standard and poor's says that obamacare's individual market is have a fril fragile as more time toll stabilize. they expect those companies to see small market improvement next year. take a look at this. this is a carnival thrill ride left a woman hanging on for dear life. the terrifying moment her harness breaks leaving her dangling by her ankles. [screams] heather: can you imagine that? you can hear the crowd screaming as she sways back and forth. her head is just inches from the ground there. a french rescuers managed to get her out before she fell. likely saving her life. unclear why that harness broke to begin with. she is certainly lucky. and i don't think she will get back on that ride again.
4:40 am
steve: what kind of a ride was it? ed: it was united airlines, wasn't it? ainsley: like a bungee donald trump a. ainsley: it wasn't supposed to be a ride like that. steve: heather, thank you. heather: you're welcome. steve: 12eu8 coming up on this tuesday we have clown joining us from the white house and scott walker joining us from madison, wisconsin. ♪ life is a highway ♪ i want to ride it all night long ♪ you're going my way ♪ is to make sure that that enamel stays strong and resilient for a lifetime. the more that we can strengthen and re-harden that tooth surface, the whiter their patients' teeth are going to be. dentists are going to really want to recommend the new pronamel strong and bright. it helps to strengthen and re-harden the enamel. it also has stain lifting action. it's going to give their patients the protection that they need and the whiter teeth that they want. ♪
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4:43 am
it is a policy for a unified syria that is governed by the people of syria. i think it's clear to all of us that the reign of the assad family is coming to an end. but the question of how that ends and the transition itself could be very important in our view to the durability, the
4:44 am
stability inside of a unified syria. ed: interesting. steve: have you rex tillerson as he was wrapping up at the g-7 summit in italy. is he now i believe in route to russia. ed: used to be g 8 because of what happened in ukraine invasion they got kicked out. steve: no consensus regarding russia. the fact that rex tillerson is saying the assad family reign is come to an end, makes you wonder how exactly would that happen? would it be by force? which we saw last week? or would it be by glep macy which has suggested this morning because apparently president donald trump spoke to the united kingdom prime minister theresa may last night on the phone and they agreed the window of opportunity to persuade russia that their alliance, which they have had for years with the assad government, not in its strategic interest to continue it. ed: we're going to have
4:45 am
kellyanne conway coming on in a couple of moments counselor to the president. are they talking about regime change? is it military reaction to forces? is this political pressure working with allies like the united kingdom to say assad must go but then, of course, ainsley, what comes next? ainsley: i think everyone would agree he is a bad guy, at least everyone but iran and russia. i know in our country, of course, because we are throwing missiles into their country because of what he did to these children last tuesday. it was horrific, it was awful. he's a bad guy. the question is who is going to replace him? is it going to be another libya situation? we can't afford that to happen. as long as the administration has something in place for who is going to take over so isis is not in power. those are the questions i'm sure they are going to discuss. you don't just say i'm going to take out a leader and then not have a backup plan. he'd he had there was a plan drawn yesterday by sean spicer in the briefing room. evidence at least suggested this was not a one time air strike in terms of if this happens again, in terms of gassing kids, look out, syria,
4:46 am
there could be more coming. steve: right. ed: in fact we have that bite if we can play sean spicer yesterday in the briefing room going back with an abc reporter. steve: we do have it. ainsley: maybe get that ready and we can ask kellyanne conway about it. steve: she was asking what what is the red line essentially. and now we have it. >> red lines for this white house chemical warfare is conventional warfare enough to get the president to go further there than this white house has gone before? >> i think the president has been very clear that there are a number of lines that were crossed last week. he is not going to sit down. we saw that in the last administration. they drew these red lines and then the red lines were run over. i don't think you are going to see the same play. not just syria but the world saw last week is a president that is going to act decisively and proportionally and with justification when it comes to aches like that.
4:47 am
and i will tell you the answer is that if you gas a baby. if you put a barrel bomb in to innocent people you will see a response from this president. that is unacceptable. ainsley: you can expect action if something like that happens from the united states and not just talk. ed: pretty direct. steve: the problem is there have been thousands of barrel bombs dropped because it's a cheap way to hurt a lot of people. and then he was asked later this is where he walked it back a little bit. with the suggestion maybe that chemical weapons in the barrel bomb that would be it. nonetheless, they try anything stupid, think twice. so, kellyanne conway may be with us very shortly. stand by for that in the meantime, big program straight ahead. laura ingraham, ann coulter, tucker carlson and governor scott walker from wisconsin join us straight ahead ♪ i like to move it, move it ♪ you like to ♪ move it ♪ i like to move it, move it
4:48 am
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live claritin clear.
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4:51 am
ed: good morning again. quick headlines. oregon lawmakers federal government. sheeld bill shield personal information of pot users. marijuana use is legal in the case. if it passes weed shops would have 30 days to destroy customers' records. banned from keeping any more data. and weed smokers in new smyrna beach, florida could soon be let off the hook. voting tonight on new ordnance allowing a person caught with 30 joint or less a $100 fine instead of jail time. steve? steve: all right, ed, thank he , thank you. how much time does your child
4:52 am
need to spend in a chair at school to learn? if our next guest got his way, there would be no set state requirements at all here to explain his plan is the governor of the great state of wisconsin, scott walker. governor, good morning to you. >> good morning. great to be with you. steve: great to have you as well. as long as i can remember the number 180 days has already always been in my head you have to be in school in a classroom 180 days for that day to count toward your ultimate graduation. why do you want to change that? >> to me, i trust parents. i want to make sure parents and local school boards and teachers are the ones making those decisions about what gets the student success not a bunch of bureaucrats and state capitals and our nation's capital. we have changed 180 days and now the amount of hours. not because i want less instruction about but because i want it to be good instruction.
4:53 am
give parents all the information. we have got a transparent report card. we can see what's happening in every school in every district across the state of wisconsin. and i think that's the best measure of accountability to see are the kids actually learning things? you know, the amount of hours your kids sit in the classroom or as i say buttst in the seats isn't necessarily good indicator as to whether they are getting a good education. it's the quality education and whether or not the students are learning and that shows up in the report cards. steve: absolutely. what about if you have the state or local folks figure out what the correct metric is, the number of hours that a kid should be in the classroom. for instance in kindergarten you are suggesting the current state minimum time 437 hours for elementary school more than double that and secondary schools it's higher than that but what if at the local level, let's say you're not flush with cash and you are trying to save money. maybe we should cut back even more. you always have to worry
4:54 am
whether or not the budget then dictates what the kids are learning. >> except in the end people are ultimately accountable to the voters in their community. they are ultimately accountable to the parents in their school district. and they can do the same thing right now. that's a critique we've heard in the past. somebody could say well, you know, we are not going to hire the best teachers if we don't have a good budget. the budget i propose we make this change puts the most money in the k through 12 education before. because of act 10 reforms you remember those from years ago they got quite a bit of attention with protesters coming in across the country. a lot of big government union bosses by the way who didn't like the idea we took power out of the hands of their interest and put it back in the hands of the hard working taxpayers and not in this case not just the taxpayers but the parents but this is how we are going to hold our school districts accountable. not the number of hours and number of days. it's what they are actually learning that matters. you can have them spend twice as long in school but if they are getting a lousy education, that's not going to lead to student success.
4:55 am
it's the qualities of the education that we should be focusing on. if one school district can do it in less time so be with it, another may take extra time. steve: sure. >> i'm fine with that let the local school district decide. steve: i can't tell you how many times my kids came home from school and said well, because it's two days until holiday, we just watched a movie or something like that. in the state of wisconsin you don't have to worry about a money problem because once again have you a big surplus there, don't you? >> we do indeed. surplus. finished the latest fiscal year with $331,000 cash balance. we will have another one projected about 353 million. we are one of three pension systems fully funded. we have got the fourth lowest outstanding long-term debt. that's why we are able to put more into k through 12 education than ever before and still reduce taxes. in fact, the cumulative benefit of our tax relief over 8 years will exceed $8 billion.
4:56 am
that shows if you put in place common sense conservative reforms they actually work. steve: there you go. governor scott walker. keep us posted on how this goes out there with your schools. >> thank you. steve: you bet. straight ahead on this very busy tuesday. look at that laura ingraham is going to be in the 8:00 hour, along with ann coulter and tucker carlson ♪ dance, dance, dance ♪ strike it up ♪ before fibromyalgia, i was active. i was energetic. then the chronic, widespread pain drained my energy. my doctor said moving more helps ease fibromyalgia pain. he also prescribed lyrica. fibromyalgia is thought to be the result of overactive nerves. lyrica is believed to calm these nerves. for some, lyrica can significantly relieve fibromyalgia pain and improve function, so i feel better. lyrica may cause serious allergic reactions... or suicidal thoughts or actions.
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4:59 am
no one burns on my watch! try alka seltzer heartburn relief chews. they work fast and don't taste chalky. mmmmm...amazing. i have heartburn. alka seltzer heartburn relief chews. enjoy the relief. >> the reign of the assad family is coming to an end. >> you can't imagine a stable and peaceful syria with assad in charge. >> north korea now promising catastrophic consequences if the united states continues to make military moves. >> breaking news from san bernardino, california.
5:00 am
this morning shooting at an elementary school. appears to be a murder suicide and much more. >> all i heard was four bangs. it was crazy loud. >> if you look at what isis really stands for, they want christianity eradicated, and i don't think that narrative is getting the attention it should get. >> oh, my god. look at what you did to him. >> are they facing lawsuits? >> absolutely, i mean, talk about $3,000 they're going to owe him hundreds of times that because of the inconvenience and public humiliation. >> i promise you i will do all of my powers permits to be a faithful servant of the constitution of laws of this great nation. steve: we start the 8:00 eastern time with a fox news alert, that from secretary of state rex tillerson just about an hour ago as he was flying out of italy toward moscow.
5:01 am
ainsley: james rosen is live in our nation's capitol with the latest for us. good morning, james. >> good morning, steve, animals, and. against syria and or russia, secretary of state tillerson made his strongest comments yet on the fate of syrian president bashar al-assad saying quote it's clear that the reign of the assad family is coming to an end. the secretary added that the u.s. is not presupposing how assad's grip will be severed but washington clearly believes as the british prime minister teresa may said that following the syrian chemical attack and the u.s. air strike there, the west now has an opportunity that tillerson tends to cease and slay the kremlin at last. >> i hope what the russian government concluding is that they have aligned themselves with an unreliable partner in
5:02 am
bashar al-assad. russia can be part of that future and play an important role. or russia can maintain its alliance with this group, which we believe is not going to serve russia's interest longer term. but only russia can answer that question. >> until those comments, tillerson had been seen as lagging behind. his own un ambassador nikki haley who's comments on russia had taken a sharper edge and spoken bluntly over this past weekend of regime change coming. tillerson did not use that formulation, but he said the u.s. sees no role for the assad regime in the longer term. now, despite his having received the russian order of friendship medal from russian president vladimir putin, the kremlin said as of now, set to meet russian minister. ainsley: let's bring in kellyanne conway adviser to president trump. good morning. >> my pleasure.
5:03 am
ainsley: so we were just hearing that the assad family needs to come to an end. what is your thought about this? >> well, the secretary of state gave unequivocal remarks to those. my opinion doesn't really matter, and i think when you see the very resolute actions of president trump late last week after he said exactly what he said he would do on the campaign trail, which is consult with his general and his national security team, weigh the facts and the evidence, and take action, and he did that. and obviously this trip to moscow was already planned, and i think secretary of state tillerson making his comments on his way to moscow really speaks volumes. steve: it absolutely does. of course, if the secretary of state is saying that, conventional wisdom would be that there could be a plan, a foot to take him out of power, probably diplomatically get russia to help squeeze him out or something like that. but this is one of the situations, kellyanne where
5:04 am
the white house under donald trump is reluctant to show all of the bad guys all the cards. >> something else that president trump has been very clear, and that's exactly what's going on here. press secretary sean spicer ised in the briefing the president will continue to hold his cards close to his vest, and he should be doing that. this is in the interest of our nation for the commander-in-chief and the president, his national security team to take action privately. i also just want to touch on some other exciting things that are going on here at the white house today. we have our ceos back in town. the policy led by steve schwartzman, and i think it's just remarkable in this first 100 days this president is taking decisive action that is helping job creators, job seekers, and job holders with all the tax policy talk, the tax relief packages that are underway here with secretary cone and mnuchin and ross, a very collaborative process in the early stages where the
5:05 am
president will make good on a centerpiece to make relief on corporate tax relief. so that you're sparing growth and jobs. you've even seen that. you've seen about half a million jobs created since he has begun here. you're seeing american manufacturing 93% confidence levels, that's up from 66% just a year ago. that is not an accounting rounding. that is optimum you'll see ceo policy foreman along with five cabinet members who will break out into different groups to talk about infrastructure, budget, to talk about tax policy. >> well, you have congress on another break, an extended break for spring break and the holidays, and i wonder is the white house getting frustrated that congress is not moving forward on a lot of these issues? >> well, we certainly will work with congress, and that includes democrats who would like to listen to their constituents and pass meaningful tax reform. president george w. bush has
5:06 am
the support of ten or 12 democratic senators in june of 2001 when had seen major tax overhaul package passed. many of them were up for reelection in the following year. got 25 democratic senators defending their seats next year and so a number of them may want to listen to their constituents, the small business owners, the aspiring small business owners in their state that are saying we want some type of tax relief that allows us to start, has this growth anticipating 3 to 4% growth that allows us to retain and attract a american workforce and not ship these jobs overseas. so we would like the democrats help on tax reform and infrastructure. and certainly want congress to move on all of these. but i should also say none of these should be rushed. these are major complex issues and the president has a wonderful team around him of experts who are working hard on that, even if office of american innovation in the
5:07 am
second or third week is doing remarkable work on so many issues in part of what is being discussed today. >> well, the optimism about the economy of what we've seen in various polls and whatnot, when president was running, two of the things he ran on, jobs, jobs, jobs, which you're talking about today, and immigration, and i saw in dredge yesterday, great, big headline about the number of people who are trying to come into the country illegal is plummeting. >> that's right. >> why is that? >> well, because they know that this is a president that's making good on this promises and that he is taking decisive action, he talks about the wall, and you certainly have had our amazing homeland secretary very involved on these issues and talking about how i saw some statistics where the border crossings in the southern border are down by almost two-thirds. so that, you know, people are responding. this is what happens when you put market forces, when you
5:08 am
know there's a decisive leader in the white house who's going to continue with his program. and people understand they not just get the message, they act on that message. and it also -- it also -- the america first policies when it comes to american workers is also -- so uplifting and optimistic because people realize whether he's had the coal minors here or these energy executive orders, that that's leading to regulatory reform, certainly, that's leading to job creation and job retention for many americans who always worry if they're on the brink of losing their job because of overbearing regulations or overtaxation. ainsley: all right. kellyanne, thank you so much for joining us. appreciate you for coming on. >> let's turn to our good friend laura ingram. >> guys. good to see you. ainsley: you heard kellyanne. talking about jobs, with some
5:09 am
of the biggest ceos in our country. >> yeah. donald trump knows all of these guys personally. he has a great relationship with someone like a steve schwartzman, multibillionaire, one of the most powerful men by all accounts in finance in new york and in the world. i think that's all great and have them all in there and they'll probably advance some ideas. but i think the thing that's most important right now for donald trump is to remember those core issues that he so successfully complained on and that motivated voters in pennsylvania and wisconsin and michigan, ohio. it was all focused on america first and jobs, the economy, wages going up, that's it. that's in his wheelhouse and donald trump is so comfortable and so knowledgeable in discussing finance and the economy and how to get jobs created and building and what it takes to start a project
5:10 am
from beginning to end without government interference. he's so easily discusses all of this stuff, and it's very inspiring to people benz this. what i think is difficult at the same time is to be on -- you know, to manage this war footing that we increasingly seem to be on with first messages coming out from tillerson that we're going to do isis first then it was nikki haley saying, no, we're going to do assad first. and i do have my concerns about this administration getting mired again in another conflict in the middle east, which we saw in the past really led to america becoming more weak. steve: sure. >> a weakening america, not strengthening america, and i think a lot of supporters who are a little bit a little bit concerned about that to say the least. steve: absolutely. and i'm sure you saw yesterday mainstream media were trying to get sean spicer -- pin him down, where's the red line? and what's the trump doctrine?
5:11 am
this guy doesn't have trump doctrine, appeasement or george w. bush who was building. >> i disagree with that. i think doctor is america first, will come to the aid of our allies and we're going to act in america's national security interest. but he spent the whole campaign talking about how syria was not in the national security interest. there's a piece in politico, guys, where apparently his communications director mike, i don't know who he is, but he had this big meeting in the white house with 30 staffers, and he said to the staffers there is no trump doctrine. and people were really upset about that, and i don't blame them. and i can't imagine the president wants his own communication director to tell all the staff, well, he has no doctrine, and we're going to have to rebrand this presidency. he said both things according to multiple sources. i can't imagine the president
5:12 am
wants his communications director to go out there saying that to staffers. i don't get that. i don't know what they're doing in there on the communications front, and i'm not talking about spicer and kellyanne. i'm talking about that message. how is that helping donald trump? he has a very clear message, which is why he motivated people in the middle of the night to line up to go see him at rallies. and i'm not sure getting rid of bashar al-assad was in top of those people's list. >> well, he's saying directly that the reign of the assad family is coming to an end, is this regime change? >> i mean is he cutting some deal with them? do we want to go to war with russia, syria -- i guess we could do that. we seem to try a lot of difficult things in the 2000s, according to donald trump lost trillions of dollars, thousands of men, china became
5:13 am
stronger and america became weaker. ainsley: what's the alternative? keeping him in power and continuing to strike like last week? >> well, if photos are going to direct our foreign policy, then i can show you about 15 photos i received this morning from those palm sunday masses in egypt also from central african republic where children are being burned to death, lock into huts and burned to death with flamethrowers. we can show you a lot of those photos, does that mean we're going to send in the missiles? there are a lot of atrocities around the world. steve: sure. can you stick around for a little bit? >> sure. steve: we're going to touch on palm sunday and christians, why is the mainstream media not talking about that? more i let go of all those feelings. because i am cured with harvoni. harvoni is a revolutionary
5:14 am
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5:15 am
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5:17 am
ainsley: we're bringing lauren ingram back in, let's talk about what happened on palm sunday. christian genocide. mainstream media is not talking about this, and those christians that were killed while they were working with god in church. >> yeah, nikki haley holds up those signs of the chemical
5:18 am
attack in syria and the world weeps as we did as americans. but the chern minority throughout the middle east has been brutalized, tortured, forced conversions, their girls and their babies taken from their arms, moms in iraq and syria, and we've seen what happened in egypt. this has been happening with virtually no response from the west. we don't really prioritize the refugee population and give much -- you know, much help at all to the christians. we've been talking about this on fox and friends for years. obama didn't discuss it much. bush didn't discuss it much. and it goes back to what we were talking about earlier, guys. it feels good to think you're doing something as someone as horrific as saddam hussein, and i supported the war fully, or bashar al-assad because they were strong men. it's not the way we are. we have to ask ourselves who are we going to replace these leaders with? this is a civil war in syria,
5:19 am
and we know that when we got rid of saddam, that christian population that was protected by saddam was ultimately almost completely destroyed. >> laura, you make such a good point. is your fear in syria that it becomes the next libya? >> becomes the next libya? becomes the next iraq. again, bashar al-assad who is a horrible, awful person did not brute lies his own christian population. he does all sorts of other things, there's al-qaeda, there's isis mixed in and the russians and the iranians. this is a complete cauldron of disaster. and all of those people voted for president trump in pennsylvania and all over the rust belt, they didn't vote for rubio or they didn't vote for jeb bush because they didn't want more of the bush doctrine. they like what donald trump was saying.
5:20 am
be pragmatic and be careful before you get the it is a involved in another civil war or ethnic or tribal conflict. there is a lot of atrocities going on around the world, including in china. we just toasted china. do we know what they do with people who have more than one children? they cut them out of the wombs. there's a lot of selective moral going on out there about atrocities, and i hope the trump team is true to what he complained on, which is pragmatic foreign policy that is a break from the bush past because that has been an electoral political and humanitarian disaster for the middle east. steve: absolutely, and i was just looking down. donald trump the last 20 minutes tweeted twice. once about china, once about north korea. we're going to be discussing that this morning. laura, thank you very much. >> thanks so much.
5:21 am
steve: all right. we're switching gears. coming up, it is the most american car ever, and it's one of the best for your whole family. the coolest new family car is on the plaza. you could be behind the wheel of one of those rides coming up unlike pills that don't treat congestion, clarispray covers 100 percent of your nasal allergy symptoms. clarispray. from the makers of claritin.
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>> we are back with a fox news alert for you. eight suspected terrorists latest from for the bombing in russia. a catching the group with a large amount of weapons and ammunition. 13 people died what man with possible ties to isis blew himself up. and north korea now promising quote catastrophic consequences if the u.s. continues to make military moves. it comes after the uss was deployed to waters off the
5:25 am
aanyone els thepeninsula. but the trump administration wanted to send more than just a message to the rogue nation which has been using the strike in syria as justification for their nuclear missile program. and now out to steve who's standing by on the plaza. >> all right. the new york auto show with the newest vehicles and the latest tech. yesterday we showed you the hottest sport and electric car. today we've got the newest rides for the whole family. good morning to you. >> good to see you again. steve: this is of all the cars on the plaza today, this is the most american, and it's a toyota. >> 15 years running; right? this is the all new toyota camera, if i were bmw or mercedes, i would watch out. this is stunning on the inside. beautiful on the exterior. this vehicle is actually made in kentucky, and they just announced 1.3 billion going into that facility in kentucky to keep building these cars here in america. steve: fantastic.
5:26 am
winning. >> winning definitely with this vehicle. all right. here's what i love. this is the new chevy equinox, ainsley, and it's all about safety for the family; right? heated seats so the interior is refined, it's adaptive cruise control from a technology at some point, lane departure warning technology to keep your family safe. this vehicle is a 23,000 vehicle to get into this. packed with beautiful creature comfort, it's the perfect family mobile. but if you want a little off roading, ainsley, this is the vehicle for you, ed. this is the jeep compass. now, it has a nine-speed transmission. >> yeah. >> it's a $20,000 suv, and you can take it literally anywhere off road. it is a 4x4, and this is the jeep compass. so many people spend money on aftermarket stuff. you can just buy this vehicle from jeep and go anywhere off road. and, again, it's four-wheel drive. multiple colors. >> i'm not liking the orange.
5:27 am
>> it's a halloween color. come on. can we're going to check this out. it's massive. first time in 20 years ford redefined what the large suv looked like. we saw this in chicago at the auto show. it's stunning. if you drop your cell phone down in the center console, instantly charges. they haven't launched a price but they're saying chevy tau how to, ucon,watch out, this is another suv in the marketplace you're going to want to take a look at. beautiful. # .5 ecoboost under the hood. >> bigger than my new york city apartment. i could just move back there and live. >> family haller, great vehicle. ford definitely making a statement with this. >> totally. i love it. >> also built in kentucky. ainsley: american made. >> kentucky wins today with
5:28 am
american vehicle. steve: what are these numbers outside the door here? >> that's remote keyless entry, all you have to do is push the button, and it will unlock the car for you. adam, we forgot the numbers. sorry. >> i could live here. >> lots of great stuff, guys. ainsley: come here. you love to tailgate. you grew up as a football fan. you could put your food here, your block from the rain great for tailgating. >> this is my flashback for last year's easter party. ainsley: we have a lot coming up, guys. coming up the video and the controversy everyone is talking about. a passenger kicked off an overbooked united airlines flight. did the guarantee too far? tucker carlson and anne coulter have a few things to say about that. >> and the mainstream media hanging onto the russian collusion story. those claims no matter what. >> it would distract from the investigation and would show
5:29 am
i'm not in bed with the russians. missiles always change the subject. >> so what will it take to give up that washed up narrative? we'll find out next you always pay
5:30 am
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a heart attack doesn't or how healthy you look. no matter who you are, a heart attack can happen without warning. a bayer aspirin regimen can help prevent another heart attack. be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. bayer aspirin. >> it's one thing to say. okay. members of the trump administration met with russian officials. that thing happens a lot. >> well, to lie about it. and that's the important thing to lie about it. >> you're saying now that the military action we just saw on thursday night may have been coordinated with the russians to throw off the consent. that appears to be what you're saying and that is a huge conspiracy to me.
5:33 am
>> well, it's a conspiracy if it's a conspiracy but the reality is -- >> do you have evidence for that? >> i'm giving you a plausible explanation. i'm just saying there are people who think that. there are -- >> who are they? steve: yeah, who are they. >> what a great question. steve: well, you know who he is. that's tucker carlson who joins us. tucker, i love the fact that you asked him what's your evidence, and he didn't have any. >> well, the difference between religion and politics is in religion, no amount of country evidence shakes your faith, it just bolsters your faith. so if you believe trump is doing the bidding of vladimir putin and all of a sudden he attacks a puppet client state of vladimir putin, with russian troops in it, you have to ask yourself how does it fit into grand theory of everything. and normal person says, well, maybe i need to reassess my grand theory. but the democrats right now are saying no. no. no. this is just more evidence. it's so complex, this conspiracy, that this proves
5:34 am
it must be true. it's actually getting scary. >> but the russians. the russians. >> it's a conversation earned. not a starter. ainsley: is that all they have? is that why they continue this narrative? >> i really think a lot of them have come to believe it. i mean, politics plays a role this is the political question. but judging by the democrats that i know in washington, i mean, they really believe that the election is the result of russian meddling. steve: uh-huh. >> it satisfies they emotionally. it describes and explains something that's unexplainable. how could hillary lose to this guy? and it's -- ainsley: donald trump bombs syria, their ally, which would prove that there is no collusion. but they're still trying to make -- steve: no, the conspiracy is then it makes trump stronger. ainsley: so, no, matter there's a conspiracy theory factor. >> this is so confusing, we need to bring in another voice of reasoning. anne coulter is out there as
5:35 am
well. steve: thank goodness. >> what do you think of what tucker said last night? >> i just wish there had been a little conspiracy theorizing on the left back when there was a soviet conspiracy to, you know, spread their members throughout the fdr and truman administration. but when that was going on, no. no. no. they were defending rosenberg. i think tucker is totally right. as to one part. the one sort of extra service of obamacare that i think shouldn't still be covered, 72-hour surveillance for liberals and their conspiracy theories. ainsley: well, we always love to get both of your opinions, i'm sure you saw the story about united dragging that poor guy off of the plane because they overbooked the flight. and we've been talking about this all morning, but we love your opinions because both of you are pretty fiery. tucker, what did you think about those? >> well, i agree with the ceo of united. when armed men, come on, beat
5:36 am
you bloody, they're not hurting you. they're quote recomma dating you. when you are chosen you, and they beat you up, and you complain, you're at fault. i think he has made a really good point. steve: anne, where are you? in los angeles today? >> uh-huh. steve: okay. so you flew out there on a airline. i'm sure you didn't see anything like that. but i've actually seen you out at laguardia, you travel a lot, this is one of those things that big airlines do these days. they overbook a lot of flights, and then they start the casino. who will -- i'll give you $400 if you don't want to go for the ride. i'll give you 800. yesterday it got up to 1,000, they didn't have any takers. >> yeah, there was a woman last -- a few weekends ago who made $11,000 bicepping those, if you don't mind, by taking the next flight.
5:37 am
$11,000 her and her family. i wonder how much was offered here. but i can't believe the airlines -- 1,000? that's it? well, i think if nobody will take that, you just have to keep raising the price. that seems like the obvious decision. ainsley: what would julie done in that situation? >> wonder why they don't have better computer logarithms to anything out. computers can figure out anything, and they don't have a better idea of how many are overbook? have you ever tried to cancel a flight? you get like $20 a back. >> why would you pay someone more when you can just bring men on to beat them up? why wouldn't you just use force and then blame the victim of the force. isn't that cheaper? ainsley: what would you do if you're in that situation? >> if i were the man in the seat? i would have complied because i don't want to be on television bloody. >> you know what i mean? but the idea the ceo is defending this and their stock price has risen is just more evidence that this is a grotesque, screwed up world
5:38 am
and if you're one of the shareholders, would you be happy with the explanation for this? it's the middle-aged asian physicians fault for being uppity? >> and this was a flight from chicago to louisville, and it's only about a four and a half drive. one of our viewers tweeted us that basically united could have taken their four employees and rent a car for 150 bucks or something and have them drive four hours to louisville. >> as could some of the passengers, which is why they should have raised what they were offering the passengers. this sort of -- i'm against people -- i'm against this because this means they're going to pick on the compliant passengers next time. steve: all right. let's talk a little bit about this. coming up in a couple of weeks, anne coulter is going to be speaking at berkeley. she is a conservative. last time we know of a famous conservative, he was invited out there and there were those
5:39 am
crazy riots are you worried something crazy is going to happen to you like something happened to him? >> well, i hope not. i like giving college speeches, and i kind of think that the berkeley community may have been embarrassed by those, i think there's a nonpartisan berkeley group that's part of my sponsorship. and one of my books, i beginning of it i describe college speeches giving a lot of them and generally, i am not apprehensive for colleges that have high sat averages. it tends to be the bush league schools, and i don't think -- i mean, i could be wrong about this but i don't really think the myeloprotesters were berkeley students because i have a lot of fun with college speeches including college liberals. they're fun. ainsley: you're not nervous at all? >> well, it's not my job to be -- to keep me safe.
5:40 am
my job is to rile them up. steve: sure. it's just indicative of what we're seeing on a lot of college campuses, unless you are all -- all have the same point of view, they don't want to hear you. >> no. and i've known anne for a long time, more than 20 years, not that she's old enough to have known me 20 years ago, and i've never seen her intimidated or afraid. >> we just booked you a flight on united out there to berkeley. will you join her for the speech? [laughter] >> actually, i think i'm taking delta this time. ainsley: good choice. >> all right. thanks, guys. steve: all right. meanwhile it's 20 mince before the top of the hour. we've got some news with heather now. >> and we do. we begin with a massive manhunt that people need to know about in chicago. this is underway after a judge there was shot outside of his home. raymond miles murdered in what appears to be a random attempted robbery of a 66-year-old spent his career combating gun violence in
5:41 am
chicago, locking up criminals in high profile cases. the fbi now offering $25,000 for information leading to an arrest. 839 people, by the way, have been shot in chicago this year alone. and the va whistle-blower says that he has received death threats for unsolved problem of deadly wait times in phoenix. but now he's at risk of losing his job after naming the coworker accused of harassing him. >> i was not scared because i'm a combat veteran. i'm doing this for my fellow veterans. the killing of vets through denial of care is wrong, and i'm going to make sure that somebody knows that this is going on. >> the va says that it violated their privacy policy, but he says that they are government employees and their names should not be a secret. and do chicken biscuits scare you? seriously some college students don't want chick-fil-a on campus over fears that it could quote jeopardize their safe space.
5:42 am
a student says it's because of chick-fil-a's owner opposes same-sex marriage but the school still plans on opening one on campus in fall chick-fil-a because most students say they want it. and those are your headlines. love chick-fil-a. steve: we do indeed, and they're open for breakfast right across the street. ainsley: that sounds like a good idea. steve: meanwhile the mainstream media are hanging onto the russian collusion claim no matter what happens. >> it would distract from the investigation, it would show i'm not in bed with the russians, missiles always change the subject. steve: so what's it going to take to make them give up that particular narrative? we're going to talk about it. ainsley: and it's the latest crime-fighting technology. the police cruiser being unveiled right here on fox and friends. steve: i think we just unveiled it.
5:43 am
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>> here's the president who's under incredible scrutiny for their relations such as they were with the russians. is this to cover his tracks? >> well, that would be the under the dog scenario. >> with the russians. >> yeah. it would distract from the investigation, it would show i'm not in bed with the russians, missiles always change the subject. >> as we turn our focus from the very real scandal of donald trump's russia ties to the shiny object of trump syrian assault. >> well, the mainstream media quick to question the relationship between president trump and russia but will that narrative now change following those air strikes in syria or will the media pretend the narrative just simply vanished? it never existed. steve: let's talk about to chief political correspondent. david, you know, the mainstream media have been pushing the russia thing none stop for months. you wouldn't expect a little missile strike to take them
5:47 am
off topic, would you? >> no. look, steve, it's just a distraction, this missile thing over in syria. it's not a big deal. come on. the real story is russia and the trump campaign -- wait a minute. hold on for a second. look, the reality is this. it's interesting how the media looks at all of nonevidence, in other words, we don't have any evidence right now of any sort of trump russia connection, yet we have plenty of evidence showing that this trump administration nikki haley, rex tillerson just recently talking very tough on russia and yet where is the narrative there? it's not there, and that's because the narrative doesn't fit, and that's part of the problem. ainsley: what's interesting is cbs released a poll saying almost 60% of the country think so that striking syria was a good thing for our country. so should we expect, david, the mainstream media to come out and say you know what? we're listening to the american people, and we were wrong. >> yeah. so i'm not thinking that's happening any time soon, though, maybe i'll watch a panel one night on
5:48 am
television in prime time and see that. or maybe i'll take smelling salts after i see that because i'll be passed out on the floor. look, it's not going to happen, folks, what's interesting here with the media is that they always need some sort of nugget to continue to craft their narrative and the important word being narrow narrative, not the actual facts that would make the case for the narrative. and i think that's all of what's happening here. and when something doesn't fit into that narrative, then it becomes complicated. then they have to figure out what the new narrative is. ainsley: even when their own poll shows something different. the cbs poll. steve: yeah, why talk about jobs, any of that other stuff, winning president trump would say when instead you can just talk about vladimir putin? >> right. there's no reason to do that. of course. look, the problem has always been that the media always has to go on after a certain narrative. and when they don't have that narrative, then the try to figure out, well, how are we going to craft a new one? and they say what you know? we're just going to stick with
5:49 am
the old one. >> i can't keep up with all of these narratives. steve: too many narratives. ainsley: why does there have to be a narrative? why can't it be the truth? >> let's follow that. ainsley: thank you. steve: you're so old school with that. it's the truth. ainsley: i'm very old. steve: no, you're not. ainsley: it's the latest crime fighting technology. the latest police cruiser by ford being shown for the first time right here on fox and friends. steve: school. let's check in with shannon for a preview of what happens on the channel in 10 minutes and 45 seconds. >> this morning president trump says north korea is looking for trouble, and he says if china isn't willing to help, the u.s. will quote solve the problem without them. tensions are high, so what comes next? secretary of state rex tillerson talking to the head of the moscow, and the shocking opioid crisis. all of that and more.
5:50 am
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steve: ford is hitting the gas on a promise to pump $1.2 billion back into american manufacturing, that's terrific. here with more is ford's executive vice president. >> good morning. what a great day in new york, isn't it? steve: beautiful. tell us a little bit more about this brand-new car you unveiled on fox. >> this is a ford police responder, it's a hybrid police car, pursuit rated, which means it will go over 100 miles per hour to chase the bad guys but it's a hybrid that allows the police department to save almost $4,000 a year in gas because you're running off of the battery a lot of times from idle and drawing all the current from lights and equipment. steve: you explained to me regeneration from the breaks. >> right. so it takes the
5:54 am
heat from the breaks and turns that heat into the energy, which powers the battery or charges the battery. ainsley: you know what i love most about your company? made in america. >> almost two-thirds of the police cars on the road in america are ford motor company product. so we love police departments as long as we're not sitting in the backseat, we're okay. knowledgeable. >> seems the backseat since steve remembers in his youth. ainsley: and when steve's in the back, you have to have the plastic walls. >> and we put antistab plates in the seat so you can't stab through. made in america, and you've been working with president trump in a jobs initiative as well. >> that's right. our ceo is part of the manufacturing council and talking about what it means to manufacturer in america. we just announced as you noted two weeks ago $1.2 billion in michigan. we've invested over $12 billion in the u.s. and we make more vehicles in the u.s. than anybody else,
5:55 am
and we want to be part of the solution. ainsley: and in january you moved jobs from mexico back to michigan; is that right 700 jobs? >> that's right. we announced we're going to bring autonomous have being and a hybrid vehicle to a plant in michigan. steve: have you noticed there's kind of -- people are more optimal in your business than before because there was a chief president in business -- >> well, we certainly have a president that's interested in the auto industry. but it's great to be talking about the auto industry and manufacturing in america. we employ more manufacturing workers than anybody else in the u.s., so we're proud to be part of that dialogue, and we love the fact that the president's involved in it because it's a great part of the gdp. steve: how much would a car like that run a local police department? >> all right. depends what kind of features. it could be anywhere from 30 to 40 to 45,000. but a key thing is what features they add to it to make the price to go occupy or down. >> and it's available when?
5:56 am
>> next summer. we're going to start organized this spring. and mypd is very excited about it because so much idle time, they can save money and police departments are under pressure to save money. steve: i want a big spotlight on my car. >> as long as you're not in front of the light, it's all good; right? thanks for having us. steve: we're going to step aside. more fox and friends in two minutes. before fibromyalgia, i was a doer. i was active. then the chronic, widespread pain drained my energy. my doctor said moving more helps ease fibromyalgia pain. she also prescribed lyrica. fibromyalgia is thought to be the result of overactive nerves. lyrica is believed to calm these nerves. woman: for some, lyrica can significantly relieve fibromyalgia pain and improve function, so i feel better. lyrica may cause serious allergic reactions or suicidal thoughts or actions. tell your doctor right away if you have these,
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i can be more active. find fast relief behind the counter allergies with nasal congestion? with claritin-d. [ upbeat music ] strut past that aisle for the allergy relief that starts working in as little as 30 minutes and contains the best oral decongestant. live claritin clear, with claritin-d. >> before we leave, a fox news alert. russian president vladimir putin speaking out moments ago saying moscow will appeal to the united nations to investigate the syrian chemical attack. that's new. putin says he knows about plans to blame russia for the attack. rex tillerson on his way to moscow now. what's interesting, though, he is calling for an investigation.
6:00 am
if it shows the syrian were behind it? >> more pressure on assad. great to be with you today, guys. >> see you all tomorrow morning. >> bill: they're turning the heat up on russia. secretary of state rex tillerson arriving in moscow delivering an ultimate to vladimir putin. you're either with us or with assad. big issues on the plate today. shannon, good morning to you. >> shannon: syria dominating today's g7 summit in italy. secretary tillerson pushing for possible new sanctions against the kremlin and saying putin and russia are standing on the wrong side of history. >> russia has really aligned itself with the assad regime, the iranians and hezbollah. is that a


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